The Diversity Calendar is a visible reminder of cultural holidays,
religious observances, and celebrations from around the world.
Use it to reinforce your organization’s commitment to diversity and
inclusion and build awareness about heritage and history months.
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An Essential Reference Source
and Beautiful Wall Calendar
The Diversity Calendar is packed with 12 months of holidays, observances, events, and dynamic photographs. Customization for your organization is available.
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Online Diversity Calendar
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Access all of the same cultural dates, scheduling information, and stunning photographs in your browser. Internet or intranet versions, and customization available.
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Avoid conflicts when scheduling meetings and events, and be aware of dietary considerations.

Understand coworkers’ important cultural and religious backgrounds.
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 Your company diversity calendar
 Customer appreciation
 Holiday gifts or greetings
 Recruitment and orientations
 Diversity initiatives and events
 Trade shows/conferences
 Annual meetings
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